WATCH: Death of the Skeleton King dungeon run

As our last Alpha, Realm of the Skeleton King, drew to a close we released an additional super difficult dungeon as a send off to the enemies faced by players in the game.

Here’s a video of a developer and two players fighting off against not one, not two but three Skeleton Kings.

More details on our Christmas themed alpha event are coming shortly, so stay tuned!

WATCH: Realm of the Skeleton King dungeon run

We’ve got a video recorded of taking down the final boss in our recent Alpha, “Realm of the Skeleton King”. This was managed using Guardian’s Padding / Guardian’s Blade with Slam and Recovery spells.

Check out the video below!

Major thanks to crimsnmonkey and Danjoe for playing the game enough to do this with me. It’s so cool to see people enjoying things you’ve spent hundreds of hours creating!

The Alpha ends this Sunday, so you’ve still got a chance to topple the King yourself! Click here to view the latest release!

Realm of the Skeleton King v1.1.1


The servers for this version are NO LONGER UP. Please see the “releases” section of the site for the latest version.

Today we’ve released the final update to Realm of the Skeleton King. This is entirely server-side and so doesn’t require a new client download.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a glitch where entering an existing fight on a tile where a fight had already been completed would cause the user to rejoin the finished fight.
  • Fixed a bug where using a spell in the overworld would cause it to be unusable during a fight



  • New very difficult encounter south of the Skeleton King’s castle. It doesn’t fit into the lore at all and is just for fun.

Realm of the Skeleton King v1.1

Realm of the Skeleton King 1-1


We’ve just released a new version of the Alpha client with some bug fixes and new content! This will most likely be the only update to this client, the servers for which will close on November 11th unless you’re a $5 or more Patron!


Windows Executable
Multi platform LOVE file (requires LOVE2D installed to play)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spell animations
  • Made news use a smaller font on the login screen
  • Fixed a bug where characters who were in a fight when the server closes got deleted
  • Fixed the tooltip for Phase Shift (erroneously stated that you would take no damage for 5 seconds after using)
  • Fixed a bug where music wouldn’t play

    Spell changes

  • Buffed Recovery (Now recovers 50% health rather than 20%)
  • Buffed Slam (Now deals four times as much damage as before)



  • New early game encounter “Spider Infestation”
  • New late game encounter “The Skeleton King’s Army”
    • Has a 25% chance of dropping Skeleton Key, required to enter Realm of the Skeleton King
  • Dungeon unlocked, “Realm of the Skeleton King”
  • When within range of a mob’s attack a line is now drawn between you and the mob
  • Altered “The Fall of Northvale”: Risen Skeleton no longer spawns, instead their shadow form (Risen Soul) is spawned and deals 25 DPS but continues to have 1 HP. They no longer switch between forms.


  • New armour: Legendary Padding
  • New weapon: Legendary Sword


  • Map alterations (including new unopened castle area, changes to the Landing Point and Dark Forest connection and opening of the Skeleton King’s castle)
  • Risen Villagers now have sound effects (Northvale encounter)

Realm of the Skeleton King – PLAY NOW!

Realm of the Skeleton King

The servers for this version are NO LONGER UP. Please see the “releases” section of the site for the latest version.

We’ve just released the client for our Alpha Halloween event, Realm of the Skeleton King!

It’s important to note that this is an alpha and as such is not representative of the finished product.

Please make sure that you fully read the message that displays when the game launches and the news items listed below the login screen.



Windows Executable
Multi platform LOVE file (requires LOVE2D installed to play)


Here are some issues that we’re aware of:

  • Spell animations not displaying (fixed)
  • Mobs spinning rapidly when moving east
  • Spell cooldowns not resetting when entering a fight
  • Fights sometimes freezing up
  • Characters sometimes not saving

RotSK: Delays and explanations

Realm of the Skeleton King Delay


This’ll be a short blog post to state that: yes, Realm of the Skeleton King is coming. Real soon, too!

With a 48 hour delay so far I’m hoping that early tomorrow morning I’ll be able to finally get that server up. I ran into a lot of issues and eventually out of time (twice) and I’m making a commitment to have the next Alpha event (A Christmas-themed adventure that’ll take place in the Southern Mountains) ready to go live a week before its release date.

In the meantime, I’m going to be extending Realm of the Skeleton King to a week long event and adding in a new play area halfway through the week.

The new run dates will be Saturday November 4th to Saturday November 11th, both at midnight, GMT.

The servers for Prototype v2 are also now down in preparation for the launch of RotSK.

Thanks for your patience,

Updated prototype available now! (Version 2)

The servers for this version are NO LONGER UP. Please see the “releases” section of the site for the latest version.

In preparation for the Alpha Halloween Event a new version of Prototype is available! The server for the last one is now down. New features include…

  • Better optimisation (both FPS and network)
  • Temporarily removed blood
  • Updated UI module
  • Inventory
  • More accounts (username/password: a/ab/b)
  • Two new fights (Wolf Hunt, available in Hunter’s Forest and Ghostly Haunting which is a glitch fight that’ll start on any tile where the specified fight script doesn’t yet exist)
  • Updated fight (Boar Hunt, now designed to be solo-able)
  • Energy (20% consumed when attacking, if below 20% you can’t attack. Regens automatically)
  • Default screen size is now 960×540
  • Fights now bound to a 960×540 box in the center of the screen
  • You can now zoom in and out of fights with Z and X (as you can on the overworld)
  • Friendly player HP is now green rather than red
  • World updates to placenames and collision
  • You can no longer get into fights on pathways
  • Added pathway in the desert

Download here!