An action packed 2D MMORPG

Something ancient lurks within the forest...

300 years ago the Tribe Wars were ceased and the clans of man united in an attempt to take down the Banshee: a mysterious supernatural creature that had been tormenting their people within the Great Northern Forest.
This operation didn't quite go as planned and as the Banshee's eldest offspring was slain she let out a mighty cry and wiped out all life within the forest. The effects of this explosion of dark magic shook every edge of the continent: the only survivors were those that had previously fled the conflict to the south and the Scholars of magic to the mountains in the East.

This tale has since been passed down into legend. Villages have been built and mankind reaches further and further back towards the north: back towards their rightful home. Artifical forests have been planted and creatures have been bred to fill these spaces: this version of life appears to be normal and the people are happy under the command of their king.

But all is not well: the ceaseless greed of man continues to draw people away from this peace and the biggest threat now are the bandit groups that have formed in exile of the capital city of Swordbreak.
The strongest of these - the Forest Alliance - has agents within the king's military. They're plotting to take over the city and the king has turned a blind eye on their actions.

Meanwhile the mana Scholars of the Twisted Mountains have cut off all contact with the rest of civilisation; giants have started ransacking villages; the mines of Shieldbreak appear cursed and operation has ceased; flashes of light and distant screams are heard across the mountains of West Shore....

BrawlQuest is a 2D indie MMORPG about hacking things to death and getting to the bottom of mysteries such as this. What happens next in the story is up to you and who you bring with you...