Collect ‘Em All: Buddy guide (The Cursed Tribe)

This month’s Alpha, The Cursed Tribe, introduces new animal sidekicks: Buddies! Here’s a guide on how to get them all.


Baby Bat

Baby Bat

The Baby Bat is a 50% drop from The Ancient Mine, found south of the Eastern Ruins (this is also the place that you get your first 4 Adver crystals before entering The White Forest)


The Dog is current only available as a 25% drop from the tutorial encounter when you first create a character. When the world expands halfway through the cycle of the Alpha, there’ll be more chances to get this Buddy.




The Beholder is a 100% drop from a chest found in The Crypt, East of Landing Point and North of the Eastern Ruins.

In order to enter the crypt, you’ll need a Crypt Key which is a 15% drop chance from fights in the Eastern Ruins. The crypt features a fight slightly harder than the Eastern Ruins but featuring the same mobs.

The Crypt

The chest at the end will teleport you outside of the Crypt and give you the Beholder pet along with some gold and Cloth Armour, so it’s an ideal chest to aim for when you first start.



The Snake is a 5% drop from fights in the Eastern Ruins and a 25% drop from fights in the Crypt, so if you’re lucky enough to find a Crypt Key then it’s worth looking there for the Snake.


Earth / Fire Elementling

Fire Elementling

Both the Earth and Fire elementlings are a 10% drop from the encounter in The White Forest.


There are 3 other secret Buddies that will be added in updates as the Alpha’s world expands. This guide will not be updated with the location of these as they are meant to be secret.

Got all 6 Buddies? Got ideas for future Buddies and locations? Let us know by commenting below!

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