BrawlQuest Halloween Event – How to join the Alpha and get playing

Realm of the Skeleton King

On the 31st of October until the 2nd of November our first alpha will be live and ready to play!

You’ll be able to fight in 3 encounters, earn gold, buy better gear and spells and then prepare to face the Skeleton King in his castle. Everyone who defeats the skeleton king before the servers are taken down will receive an exclusive -to-event Skeleton Dog buddy in the full game that’ll never be obtainable again (except through auction house trading – more on that in a later blog post).

So here’s how to not miss out and be on and ready to play on the day.

Early protoype fight demo

Alpha Checklist

Create a character

This section is no longer accurate. Please click here to learn more.

From the 30th of October you’ll be able to create your character over on the Create A Character section of the site. The demo isn’t going to have any major or minor attributes as will be in the full game, so you only need supply your username and password and you’re all set.

Download the game

Once the server is up the client will be uploaded to this website and will be downloadable from the sidebar. The game will be available on Windows as an EXE file or OSX and Linux as a Love2D project.

If you’re on OS X or Linux then you’ll need to download and install Love2D before you can play.  Once it’s installed, download and double click to run.

Early map demo

Familiarize yourself with the controls

To give yourself a small head start you can download and run the Prototype Demo, currently available as a Love2D project here. You’ll need to login with username demo and password demo.

You use WASD to move and arrow keys to attack, twin stick shooter style.

You’re all set!

If you’ve followed the above instructions then you’re good to play on the day! See you there…


Prototype demo available now!

The servers for this version are NO LONGER UP. Please see the “releases” section of the site for the latest version.

With the release of the site I’m officially publishing the Prototype Demo version of the game. It’s a shell of the final product (or even what the game looks like now!) but it’s playable and at least for the moment the servers are up.

All fights are an old version of Boar Hunt (a level 1/2 encounter) and there’s no loot or experience or anything. You can explore the world as you see fit provided you can make it without being killed by the boars.

Login with username demo and password demo, or username pebsie and password demo if someone else is on the demo account.

Download link in the homepage’s sidebar!