Development Roadmap

Developing an MMORPG is difficult and takes a huge amount of time and effort: even more so when it’s being made by a single person.

I have to give huge thanks to those who have and continue to support the game, be it by playing during the Alpha events, donating on Patreon or contributing assets. Even letting me ramble design ideas at you has been insanely useful.

Now, I’d like to write down a proper development roadmap to lead us from today to Version 1.

  • Prototype: Is this any fun? (Completed) (Summer 2017)
    • A very early version of the game with 2 encounters taking place in the real world of the full game.
  • Alpha #1: Fighting and gearing (Completed) (Halloween 2017)
    • A playable, functioning version of the game that showcases how fights and gearing will take place in the full game at max level.
    • Takes place in a part of the lore that will be referenced in the full game.
  • Alpha #2: Storytelling and exploration (Now live) (Christmas 2017)
    • A playable, more feature complete version of the game that showcases how storytelling is interwoven with fight sequences and how an expansive world and fog of war can promote exploration for rewards.
    • Takes place just before the full game and shows what is south of the world map and the stories there.
  • Alpha #3: Building a community (Easter 2018)
    • An almost feature complete version of the game showcasing how communities will be built and the importance of player interaction.
    • Takes place at a pivotal moment in the lore where humanity was banished from The Great Forest by the Banshee.
  • Beta (Summer 2018)
    • A full version of the game that may feature bugs, a lack of balance and may be missing polish.
    • All 41 encounters available (but frequent character wipes)
  • Full release (Winter 2018)