RotSK: Delays and explanations


This’ll be a short blog post to state that: yes, Realm of the Skeleton King is coming. Real soon, too!

With a 48 hour delay so far I’m hoping that early tomorrow morning I’ll be able to finally get that server up. I ran into a lot of issues and eventually out of time (twice) and I’m making a commitment to have the next Alpha event (A Christmas-themed adventure that’ll take place in the Southern Mountains) ready to go live a week before its release date.

In the meantime, I’m going to be extending Realm of the Skeleton King to a week long event and adding in a new play area halfway through the week.

The new run dates will be Saturday November 4th to Saturday November 11th, both at midnight, GMT.

The servers for Prototype v2 are also now down in preparation for the launch of RotSK.

Thanks for your patience,

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