The Sorcerer’s Lair: Raid GUIDE

With the launch of BrawlQuest Alpha #2: The Cursed Tribe v1.3 imminent, we thought we’d give a run down on how to defeat the Sorcerer. Warning: spoilers ahead!


As part of a group of adventurers sent to the southern mountains to find a tribe that hadn’t made contact with Swordbreak in a year, you were ambushed by undead wolves. As the commotion came to an end, a member of the tribe that you were sent to find appears and tells you to find their camp to the south.

This person – Mortus – tells you of a terrible curse that inflicts all who venture to these mountains; those who perish here return as unendingly hungry savages. This curse is held in place by a great sorcerer who resides to the south.

As you venture out to try and find a way to overcome this opponent you find that the Sorcerer does indeed have a weakness: a special type of crystal called Adver and a more potent form of this crystal called Quia.

By utilising blueprints you found in the remnants of a lost civilisation Mortus’ blacksmith crafts an Adver Ring which enables you to pass through barriers that the sorcerer had set up to protect his assets – including his prison, which protects huge reserves of Quia.

As you fought off the beasts in this dungeon, you discovered that an old enemy – the Skeleton King – was still alive and reeking havoc. Was still alive. Around his neck: the key to the sorcerer’s prison.

As all this unfolded, old allies of the Sorcerer became restless and decided to take matters into their own hands to help fend off the new band of heroes following in your wake. They too held Quia, which allowed you to create Orbs of Power increasing your power against the sorcerer’s creatures massively.

And now, you stand against the Sorcerer with allies on your side: the heroes you’ve met on your journey, the civilians who were inspired by your actions who trained and took up arms and finally your friend Mortus.

As the assault begins, the Sorcerer yells at your party that this was supposed to be a gift of immortality, but Mortus calls him a fool for defying the Elder Dragon’s wishes to not give humanity immortality. It is as this moment that the Sorcerer reveals the final truth: that he, himself, was an Elder Dragon.

Now it dawns on you: it’s your small party fighting against an ancient god.

Good luck.


This fight takes place in two phases. The first is significantly shorter than the second.

Phase 1

The Sorcerer

HP: 6000
DPS: 18
Spells: Summon Fire Giant (30 seconds), Transform into Elder Dragon (50% HP)

6000 isn’t a lot of health, and with the assistance of the Guards and Mortus your party should be able to take him down before the Fire Giant is summoned. An all out attack is the best strategy here: if that Fire Giant pops then you’ll be starting the fight with a severe handicap.

Fire Giant

HP: 4000
DPS: 10
Spells: Summon Fire (3 seconds)

Fire moves fast and deals 10 DPS, but lasts only 5 seconds. This’ll mean that the Fire Giant can deal up to 30 DPS, combined with the Sorcerer that’s 48 DPS which is significant: three seconds with Legendary Armour and you’re gone. If the Fire Giant is summoned, take him down quick!

Phase 2

Phase 2 starts when the Sorcerer hits 50% HP (3000) and transforms into an Elder Dragon. It’s a good idea to have a member or two of your party dealing with the Dragonlings and Venom as soon as they spawn whilst the others focus the Elder Dragon. One misdealing with Dragonlings can cause a wipe in seconds.

Elder Dragon

HP: 20000
DPS: 30
Spells: Summon Dragonling (10 seconds), Summon Venom (10 seconds)

This is the real fight. The Elder Dragon on his own isn’t hugely difficult: he moves slow and 30 DPS isn’t so high that you can’t deal a lot of damage before needing to recover armour and spells. The real trouble is with what he summons.


HP: 20
DPS: 5
Spells: Summon Fire (1 second), Summon Dragonling (3 seconds)

5 DPS and 20 HP may not sound like a lot, but combined with summoning Fire every second means that this mob can deal up to 55 DPS on its own. If you don’t take it down fast, it’ll spawn another Dragonling too. After only 6 seconds you could be dealing with 140 DPS. 6 seconds later, 470 DPS.


HP: 100
DPS: 0
Spells: Explode (10 seconds, dealing 30 damage to all players)

Venom should be attacked as soon as it spawns until it’s killed. The 30 damage that Venom deals is easily avoidable.


If you complete this fight, you’re guaranteed 700 Quia which is enough for two Orbs of Power, so each kill guarantees you +2 DPS for the next fight.

There’s a 50% chance of getting a Dragonling of your own and a 10% chance of getting the new armour piece, Eldertouched Plate (50 DEF).

Best of luck!

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