Balance updates: Polymorph, Island of Giants

Some balance changes have been made and are now live. They are as follows:

  • Venom no longer deals damage until destroyed, it instead explodes after 10 seconds causing 30% damage to all players unless destroyed
  • Savage Giant now spawns a Golem every 10 seconds than every 5 seconds
  • Giant now spawns a Golem every 30 seconds than every 15 seconds
  • Ice Giant now spawns Ice every 10 seconds than every 2 seconds
  • Ice now explodes after 15 seconds rather than 5
  • Fire Giant now has 4000 HP rather than 1000 HP
  • Chickens now explode after 25 seconds rather than 5 and deal 230 DPS rather than 500 (increase from 2500 max damage to 5750)

This means that Polymorph is now a much more viable spell for taking into end-game encounters and the Island of Giants is more easily soloable, as originally intended.

Have fun raising your Chicken armies!

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