BrawlQuest: The Cursed Tribe (Alpha #2)

In the most southern part of the known world lies a range of endless mountains, untouched by human civilisation… or so we thought.

We’re excited today to announce our second Alpha event: “The Cursed Tribe”, which will run for a month from December 31st to January 31st.

Unlike the first Alpha (Realm of the Skeleton King), this one will focus on storytelling and introduce some new looting and fight mechanics.

It will also receive an additional content patch halfway through its lifecycle with new encounters and an expanded world.

See the full changelist below:

  • Journey to the Southern Mountains, a Winter Themed area filled with new threats to conquer and mysteries to uncover.
    • 5 expansive areas to explore
    • 7 new encounters
    • Hidden treasure chests and secret rewards
  • Enhanced fight scripting system
    • Mobs can now cast physical spells that create an effect on an area of the play zone (e.g, fire).
    • Mobs are now able to speak
  •  Buddies
    • Buddies are non-combat pets that follow you around the world and into battle
    • They don’t offer any gameplay advantage and are purely cosmetic
    • Buddies can be found as loot drops from encounters
    • There are 7 Buddies in this Alpha: 
  • Loot
    • Encounters will now have a chance of dropping various loot as well as gold.
    • Each piece of loot has a % chance and every member of a fight is given their own individual chance at each piece of loot.
    • On a new “Fight Complete” screen you’re shown what loot you had a chance of earning and what roll (out of 100) you got this attempt.
  • Encounter scoring system
    • Fights now have a score, determined by your kill count and time taken to complete the fight.
    • The top 3 scores will be displayed on the new “Fight Complete” screen.
  • Fog
    • This isn’t necessarily a new feature, it was just turned off for the first Alpha.
    • Areas left unexplored are now shrouded in a mysterious fog until you arrive there.
  • Gravestones
    • Dotted throughout the world are gravestones
    • When walking onto a gravestone tile you’re given the option to Pray.
    • Praying at a gravestone sets your respawn location there, so when you die you reappear at that location.
  • New / changed spells
    • Flash of Light
      • Turns you into a Flash of Light, healing all friendlies you touch by 30% per second. You cannot take damage while in Light form. Lasts for 6 seconds.
      • Uses 100 Energy
      • Has a 120 second cool down
    • Tornado
      • Turn into a violent tornado, increasing movement speed to 300% and damaging all  enemies you touch by your weapon value per second. You cannot take damage while in Tornado form. Lasts for 6 seconds.
      • Uses 100 Energy
      • Has a 120 second cool down
    • Polymorph
      • All enemies within 3 meters turn into angry chickens. Angry chickens attack their closest opponent for 1 DPS and explode after 5 seconds.
      • Uses 100 Energy
      • Has a 60 second cool down
      • Spell suggested by Danjoe and Crimsnmonkey
    • Phase Shift
      • Phase shift now prevents you from taking damage for its duration.
  • Gameplay changes
    • You can now run by holding down shift
      • This will drain your energy, although at 0 energy you can still run.
    • You now gain less energy when moving
    • Attacking now costs 5% energy (down from 20%)
  • Interface changes
    • The player UI in the world is now the same as the one in fights
    • Zooming in and out is now smooth
    • The region name indicator now has a black background for improved readability
    • Fixed a bug where spell animations wouldn’t display in the overworld
  • New theme music

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