Updated prototype available now! (Version 2)

The servers for this version are NO LONGER UP. Please see the “releases” section of the site for the latest version.

In preparation for the Alpha Halloween Event a new version of Prototype is available! The server for the last one is now down. New features include…

  • Better optimisation (both FPS and network)
  • Temporarily removed blood
  • Updated UI module
  • Inventory
  • More accounts (username/password: a/ab/b)
  • Two new fights (Wolf Hunt, available in Hunter’s Forest and Ghostly Haunting which is a glitch fight that’ll start on any tile where the specified fight script doesn’t yet exist)
  • Updated fight (Boar Hunt, now designed to be solo-able)
  • Energy (20% consumed when attacking, if below 20% you can’t attack. Regens automatically)
  • Default screen size is now 960×540
  • Fights now bound to a 960×540 box in the center of the screen
  • You can now zoom in and out of fights with Z and X (as you can on the overworld)
  • Friendly player HP is now green rather than red
  • World updates to placenames and collision
  • You can no longer get into fights on pathways
  • Added pathway in the desert

Download here!

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