Realm of the Skeleton King v1.1


We’ve just released a new version of the Alpha client with some bug fixes and new content! This will most likely be the only update to this client, the servers for which will close on November 11th unless you’re a $5 or more Patron!


Windows Executable
Multi platform LOVE file (requires LOVE2D installed to play)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spell animations
  • Made news use a smaller font on the login screen
  • Fixed a bug where characters who were in a fight when the server closes got deleted
  • Fixed the tooltip for Phase Shift (erroneously stated that you would take no damage for 5 seconds after using)
  • Fixed a bug where music wouldn’t play

    Spell changes

  • Buffed Recovery (Now recovers 50% health rather than 20%)
  • Buffed Slam (Now deals four times as much damage as before)



  • New early game encounter “Spider Infestation”
  • New late game encounter “The Skeleton King’s Army”
    • Has a 25% chance of dropping Skeleton Key, required to enter Realm of the Skeleton King
  • Dungeon unlocked, “Realm of the Skeleton King”
  • When within range of a mob’s attack a line is now drawn between you and the mob
  • Altered “The Fall of Northvale”: Risen Skeleton no longer spawns, instead their shadow form (Risen Soul) is spawned and deals 25 DPS but continues to have 1 HP. They no longer switch between forms.


  • New armour: Legendary Padding
  • New weapon: Legendary Sword


  • Map alterations (including new unopened castle area, changes to the Landing Point and Dark Forest connection and opening of the Skeleton King’s castle)
  • Risen Villagers now have sound effects (Northvale encounter)

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