The Cursed Tribe v1.2 Patchnotes

A new version of the game is NOW LIVE!

This adds new end game content and changes to existing content and systems.

Alpha v1.2

Content & Encounters

  • New zone: Isle of Giants
    • Features 3 miniboss fights that each reward 500 Adver
    • Features 1 boss fight that combines all 3 other fights that rewards 200 Quia
  • New item: Orb of Power
    • Increases damage output by +1 permanently when used
    • Costs 350 Quia
  • You can now only complete a fight on a tile once a day
    • This resets every night (server time)
    • If a fight is already happening on a tile that you’ve fought on today then you can join it to help but won’t receive any rewards
    • Tiles that you’ve already fought on are treated as 0% encounter chance
  • Added 4 secret pets
  • You can now exchange 5 Adver for 1 Quia at the shop
  • The shop outside the dungeon “Prison of the Sorcerer” is now open for business!
  • Prison of the Sorcerer dungeon changes
    • Increased Skeleton King’s HP from 6000 to 12000
    • Increased Skeleton King’s venom spawn time from 5s to 20s
    • Increased Hydra’s HP from 4000 to 6000
    • All encounters now reward significantly more Quia
  • Made Mortus invincible
  • Reduced Guard’s HP from 60 to 30

Graphics & UI

  • Changed the sprite for Basic Cloth
  • Changed the sprite for Dog
  •  Nameplates are now darker
  • The Blacksmith now has “<NPC> Shop” above his name
  • The “Pray” window no longer shows up on your current spawn point (this also acts as temporary visual feedback that the spawn point is set)
  • Pressing F now switches between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • Several changes and fixes to “New Loot”
  • Renamed “Potions” section of the shop to “Misc”
  • Players now face the direction that they’re moving (this is buggy!)


  • Reduced number of world updates to increase FPS
  • Allowed the server to send data on maximum HP allowing HP changes without requiring client updates
  • Increased accuracy of playtime reporting
  • Server now tracks kills, deaths and distance travelled
  • You can no longer see offline players in the overworld

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