The Cursed Tribe v1.3.3 Patchnotes


An optional update is available, improving several in-game features and adding atmospheric sound effects. It can be downloaded here!


  • Upgraded The Cursed Tribe with BQ-SHIPWRECK engine updates
  • Chat
    • Greatly improved reliability of chat
    • You can no longer move or accidentally use spells when typing in chat
  • UI
    • Fixed a glitch where you couldn’t see the “active fight” symbol in the overworld
    • You can no longer see players through fog
    • Fog is now semi-transparent so as to allow awareness of where you can move. It isn’t quite the same as it was before LOVE 0.11 but it’s getting there!
    • You can now view your respawn tile (shadow of death isn’t back yet though sadly! Still struggling with LOVE 0.11)
    • Your player sprite is now shown above all other sprites during battles
  • New sound effects
    • Added footstep sound effects
    • Added ambient sounds
    • Added Buddy sounds

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