The Cursed Tribe v1.3 Patchnotes

The Cursed Tribe v1.3 is releasing April 15th! This update brings some rather huge changes and additions, such as reworked spells and the addition of both a character select screen and a chat system.

This update concludes The Cursed Tribe storyline and includes the final piece of content for this Alpha, the raid “Lair of the Sorcerer”. Those who have completed the dungeon and defeated the Skeleton King thus obtaining a Lair Key can head south, at the bottom of the White Forest to the East and begin the fight.


Content & Encounters

  • Raid opened: Crypt of the Sorcerer
    • Two phase finale fight
    • Rewards 700 Quia, 50% chance “Dragonling”, 10% chance “Eldertouched Plate”
  • New armour piece: Eldertouched Plate
    • Red aura
    • 50 DEF
  • New pet: Dragonling
  • New pet: Silver Dragonling
  • New pet: Spirit of Death
  • Added further fight scripting capabilities
    • Mobs can now cast “spawnRandom” to spawn a mob in a random location
  • NPC behaviour changes
    • NPCs no longer attack invincible targets
    • New voicelines added
    • NPCs now walk about when idle
    • NPCs now try and avoid bunching up


  • Recovery now heals 100% of your health and has had its cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (down from 120 seconds)
  • Slam now deals twice as much damage (ATK*8) and has a 20 second cool down (down from 30 seconds)


  • Added new character select screen
    • To login as a character that already exists, press “Add New” and enter your username and password
  • Added chat
    • Press enter and start typing, when you press enter again the message will be sen
  • Currently all chat is global
  • Added floating combat text
  • FreshPlay logo is now displayed on the splash screen
  • ESC now switches between fullscreen / windowed (rather than F)
  • NPC dialogue is now centred regardless of zoom level
  • Fixed bones – enjoy the chaos!!
  • “Earned Loot” window no longer displays for loot losses (such as the gold lost when purchasing an item)


  • Player buddies are now only displayed if the player is online
  • Buddies are now drawn underneath their owners
  • Website character profiles now display attack bonuses from Orbs of Power
  • Added old theme tune back into rotation
  • Zooming is now at set levels
  • The server now tracks last login and displays this on HTML character profiles
  • New voice lines

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