Version History

BrawlQuest currently supports BrawlStars update 55.228

Version 0.1.4: Godzilla Attacks BrawlStars4/26/2024

  • New Brawlers Lily and Draco are now added to BrawlQuest
  • Frank animation speed reduced.
  • Social media links added. Follow us please ­čśŐ

Version 0.1.3: Major Bugfixes4/15/2024

This update includes many bugfixes and a few minor tweaks

  • Trophy count added to player profile card image
  • Profile last update time is now displayed at the bottom of the page
  • Player and brawler progress calculations are now working as intended.
  • Fixed twitter share button not working issue
  • Next.js Framework upgraded to 14.2
  • Fixed Melodie and Angelo brawler images being mixed up ­čśĺ

Version 0.1.2: Ranked Update4/1/2024

  • New brawlers: Melodie and Angelo
  • Added share button for player profile
  • A shareable profile card image is implemented
  • Known Issue: Some player icons are missing.
  • Investigating an issue that causes some profiles to display incorrect data in some rare cases. This issue usually gets corrected after a while probably due to a caching issue.

Version 0.1.0: Alpha Release2/10/2024

  • BrawlQuest alpha release
  • 77 Brawlers available including Larry&Lawry
  • Languages supported are English and Turkish
  • App Features:
  • View any players progress using their player tag
  • Login using a player tag for convenience so the app will remember your profile
  • View global and local top player boards
  • Player Profile Features:
  • Player's last seen date is shown (based on the last battle details)
  • Player's last used brawler is displayed
  • Player's brawler collection and details about each brawler is displayed
  • Player's total brawler and item count is displayed including their cost
  • Player's progress towards Soft-Cap and Hard-Cap are displayed
  • Player's club and it's members are displayed

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